Seen as a ceremony of passage, unique in life from other passages of achievement or acquiring as one that you make with your beloved. We base the ceremony on a firm spiritual foundation of your gratitude. For family, loved ones, teachers and guides. We recognize you are joining your lineages with your love. That you have already surrendered to Love’s sacred presence and joined together at the deepest place of your hearts and being. The ceremony and rituals are designed to express this truth and embody it in the world of form. Together we draw on what is most meaningful to you to bring this to the light of day for yourselves, families, friends and community. As you move through the moments of this passage you are immersed and enfolded in the loving support and best wishes of those you most care about. Your love living vibrantly in the consecrated space of your relationship becomes your new center of balance and the source of your paths of service here on earth. We seal these vows you create together and the peak vision of the passage into a place of remembrance that you can access at any time for guidance and navigation in your journey through life together.

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